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Designing the Network

We understand Wireless

We know you don't want to worry about a network connection, no matter where you want it.  

Connectivity is possibe almost anywhere.  Let us show you how.

Network Survey Services

Wireless Design, Implementation, Troubleshooting, Remediation, and Validation. Predictive, AP-on-A-Stick, Remediation, Validation, Passive and Active Surveys performed based on your facility's need.

Network Status Reports

Our engineering staff will provide a comprehensive report on the scope of work you ask for.  We will provide direct explaination of the report findings and any corrective actions to get your network where you want it.

How We Work

We are specialists in understanding the wireless network environment and strive to work with your team  to implement  a wireless network that meets your needs with the security you require.

Not a cookie-cutter model

Not all wireless networks are the same.  The area that needs coverage as well as the type and number of devices that need to connect to the network should all be part of your decision when engineering your network.

"You don't bring a minivan to haul commercial inventory and you dont bring a semi-truck to deliver pizza"

Every project and every industry is approached on it's own unique requirements.  The wireless team  brings come from various industries with hands-on experience designing, installing, and remediating Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, Sports Arenas, Courtrooms, Shopping Malls, Distribution Warehouses, Cruise ports, Marine vessels, and Resort Golf courses.  With this wide spectrum of applications, we have the flexibility and responsiveness needed to deliver a balanced network addressing  the key components needed in a variety of wireless networks.

We specialise in delivering solutions to a wide variety of network design and implementaion environments.

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